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Learn About The Diabetes Symptoms in Men

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Getdiabetesed.com – In this article, you will learn about the diabetes symptoms in men and discover that diabetes is often referred to as the silent killer. This is because will be unaware of the fact that you do have this disease and sometimes until it is too late. Diabetes symptoms in men are often so minor that it can be easily missed or overlooked. Rising blood sugar is a primary trigger when it comes to diabetes. Doctors have reported that everyday people walk into their offices entirely ignorant of the fact that they are affected by diabetes.
Important diabetes symptoms in men

To be sure of the presence of diabetes in your body it is a must that you undergo a blood test to find out your blood sugar level numbers. So how will you know you need to take the test? Well, if you are showing the following ten symptoms then you should be tested for diabetes.

The Diabetes symptoms in men

1. Excessive thirst

One of the first diabetes early symptoms in men is an excessive thirst and due to the increase in water intake the increasing level of urination as well.  There could be situations when you are unable to get sufficient sleep because you have to use the bathroom. Kidneys try to flush out the extra glucose produced in the body due to diabetes while the thirst is because the body is making up for the lack of fluids.

2. Slow healing

This can be a symptom of all ages but for diabetes symptoms in men over 50 slow healing is one of the important signs. It can be a cut, bruise or any other such wound which does not heal quickly at all. It is a frustrating process for those who suffer from it and one of most prominent diabetes symptoms in men.

3. Weight loss

When you have this phenomenon, you will observe that there is a drastic decrease in your weight. This is not a natural loss of weight but a very unusual and unhealthy weight loss which will catch your eyes as well as others around you. The kidneys let out the glucose decreasing your level of energy and the cells due to the insulin feel that there isn’t glucose in them and instigate the body to break down proteins. When you add this up, it will become evident why you will lose weight.

4. Skin problems

At times due to lack of proper circulation and dry skin you might feel itchiness and an overall discomfort with your skin. Acanthosis nigricans is another critical skin disease which is a clear indication of diabetes symptoms in men. Those who have to darken of skin near the neck or armpit area are also believed to be affected by this disease. There may be a resistance to insulin which causes this darkening, or it may be due to an increase in blood sugar level.

5. Hunger

You can be overcome with an excessive and extreme need for food. If you have diabetes, you will feel hungry mostly all the time even after you have large amounts of food. This hunger is for the simple reason that there is significant rise and falls in pressure. When body weight fall the body starts feeling it does not have enough nourishment to supplement and sustain itself, then you feel hungry and crave for food. Those with diabetes often follow a proper diabetes diet to maintain food intake.

6. Vision impairment

When you have been affected by this phenomenon, you will notice some significant effects on your vision. You will see blurred images, and this will continue for some time. These problems will only reach a close when your blood sugar is brought back to normal or about close to it.

7. Numbness

Diabetes symptoms in men feet include the sensations of numbness or even a tingling which is sometimes a clear indication that you have problems with your blood sugar. If controlled at an early stage this issue can be tackled if not it can prove to be irreversible.

8. Yeast infections

Persons with diabetes symptoms in men type 1 usually have a high chance of being diagnosed with yeast infections. It is a state when your immunity is highly suppressed, and you can be contaminated with a broad range of infections at this stage. Maintain your personal hygiene to the utmost so that you can keep these diseases at bay.

9. Tiredness and Irritation

When your blood sugar fluctuates, it is bound to make you feel tired. The level might increase or decrease, but the internal processes are required to tire you out. The glucose flowing out of your body and the excessive overworking of your body can make you irritable.

10. Blood test

Learn About The Diabetes Symptoms in Men

Finally to be sure the final step you have to perform is basically to get your blood tested that is the only way you will know how to cope with diabetes if at all you are being affected by it. Diabetes symptoms in men can be ten or twenty, but the signs only point to your problem they do not offer solutions. For those solutions, you must go to a doctor and get the medicines.

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